Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What can I expect to happen to me on my first DUI?

A:  If it the first DUI ever (no prior contacts of any kind), the typical offer from most prosecutors is a deferred sentence, which is probation.  There will be fines and costs as well as a drug and alcohol assessment, a victim’s impact panel, and DUI school.  Your license is also at risk.  See “Driver’s License FAQ’s” for more information.

Q:  How much does a DUI cost?

A:  How much a DUI costs depends on some factors such as which court it is in and facts of the case.  A municipal court DUI will typically cost you less overall compared to the charges being filed in a county courthouse.  The attorney fee will also typically differ based on where the case is and what the facts are.  A good DUI defense attorney will evaluate your case prior to quoting you a fee.  This is why I will give each prospective client a free 30 minute initial consultation.  Each case is truly different. As for fines, court costs, and classes, here is an example of typical expenses for Oklahoma County cases: $200 fine, $300 VCA (Victim’s Compensation Assessment fund), $800 estimated court cost, $160 drug and alcohol assessment, $50 VIP (Victim Impact Panel), and $150 for 10 hour DUI School.  Total: $1,660.

Q:  When does a DUI get charged as a felony?  Am I looking at prison time if it is charged as a felony?  

A:  In Oklahoma, in order for a DUI or APC to be charged a felony, the person must have a prior conviction for a DUI or APC within 10 years.  Beginning November 1, 2011, a deferred sentence on a DUI will be treated as a conviction for the purpose of enhancing the next DUI/APC charge to a felony.  It will be even more important then to hire an attorney to evaluate your case.  All felony DUI’s carry the potential of prison time.  1st: 1-5 yrs; 2nd: 1-10 yrs, 3rd: 1-20 yrs.  They can also require more extensive courses which cost more.  But whether or not a person will be offered probation versus any jail time will depend on the history of the person, the facts of the case, and which court the case is in. 

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